From Britain comes our red-quilting lining, our ball-chain puller fasteners, our CLIX fasteners, our cowhide leather and functional bag design. From Japan comes the PORTER nylon twill material and a functional know-how. All of the bags are made by high standard Japanese craftsman.

Yoshisa & Co., Ltd has been manufacturing bags since its establishment in 1935. They take a lot of care in every step of the manufacturing process including in the selection of material, the sewing pattern, and even the process of stitching pieces to completion.

The PORTER range began in 1962 and is one Yoshisa & Co., Ltd’s most of popular lines.

Super jet helmet, Cyclone No. 441 jacket, LLJ 001 Jeans and PORTER helmet bag



Size: W400/ H390mm

Materials: Nylon twill (main), Cowhide

Pockets: outside zipped pocket 2 inside pocket 3, inside zipped pocket 1

PORTER Bronx bag. Adjustable and removable shoulder included.

D pocket with ball chain fasteners

PORTER and Lewis Leathers labels front of the bag

The main zip is a CLIX fastener, inside pockets with PORTER and AVIAKIT labels

PORTER and AVIAKIT label inside


Size: W390/ H250/ D170mm

Materials: Nylon twill (main), Cowhide

Pockets: inside pocket 2, inside zipped pocket 1

Cyclone No. 441 jacket, LLJ 001 Jeans and PORTER helmet bag

Features bag feet for protecting the bottom.

Side view

Inside pockets with PORTER and AVIAKIT label

CLIX and PORTER fasteners


Size: W315/ H410/ D130mm

Material: Cowhide

Pockets: outside zipped pocket 1, inside pocket 1

Lumber No. 386 jacket and PORTER backpack

Side and bottom view

Outside pocket with ball chain fastener and red lining.

Adjustable shoulder and chest straps

Inside pocket with PORTER and AVIAKIT labels, CLIX fasteners


Ajustable belt with clip buckle

Colour / Material: BLACK - Cow hide, *WHITE - Horse hide

*White colour exclusively for Lewis Leathers stores (London, Tokyo and Osaka) / Lewis Leathers online stores (UK and Japan).

Size: W405/ H190/ D75mm

Lightning 391 jacket and PORTER hip bag

LEFT: Black hip bag, Ball chain fasteners at the front. RIGHT: AVIAKIT, PORTER labels and red kilt lining inside

Side and bottom view

Inside pockets

Exterior zipped pocket PORTER fasteners


Size: W350/ H380mm

Material: Nylon

Adjustable strap included, Foldable

Western jacket 988L Ladies jacket and PORTER utility bag

PORTER side front, Outside pocket

from LEFT: Side view, Adjustable/removable strap, Lewis Leathers side front close up

Folded bag with shoulder, Red lining inside, Bottom view

YOSHIDA label inside, PORTER label outside

- Limited edition bags from Japan -

Lewis Leathers x PORTER collaboration bag

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