Easy Rider No. 69er

The trim sporty lines of this jacket make it your natural choice! Made in the popular single-breasted style for wear on and off the bike, so comfortable you won’t want to take it off! Features include: Four convenient zipper pockets, zippered close-fitting cuffs, a corduroy-lined collar with a twin stud fixing and double waist adjuster for a snug, draft-free fit. A handy inside pocket is included a pocket on wearers left side for extra convenience. Sporty stripes can be added in the colours of your choice, either to match your make of bike or just to suit your taste.

The Easy Rider jacket followed hot on the heels of the popular Sportsman jacket, this time featuring vertical body stripes and horizontal sleeve stripes in the style of the jacket worn by the Peter Fonda character in the ‘Easy Rider’ movie. Easy Rider jackets were often customised with stripes which matched racing team colours such as Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, BSA and Norton. 

Sleeve Stripes

Waist Adjuster

Chest Pocket


  • Sheep leather available only up to chest 42 inches = 106.68 cm
  • Customer order can take up to 12-18 weeks.
  • Stock options available please contact us.

Easy Rider No.69er

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Easy Rider No 69er
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