Plainsman No. 393F

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The Plainsman was another of the styles introduced by Lewis Leathers in the early 1960's. The design was no doubt influenced by the popularity of Western style movies such as The Magnificent Seven and TV shows like Gunslinger and The Virginian. Fringed jackets faded in popularity during the mid-1960's but made a comeback again at the end of the decade with the release of the 1969 movie 'Easy Rider'.

Vintage illustration from an Elite Motors catalogue.

Lightning cuff zipper.

Lightning main zipper.

The Plainsman is original, exclusive and different; lined right through with stout sailcloth and features hand-cut plainsman fringes across the front, back and down the arms.

You'll be the centre of attention in this unusual, eye-catching jacket.

1962 D Lewis Catalogue Image.

Hand cutting fringe.

Fringe close up.

Plainsman No.393L in black sheep + Racing boots No.178

Super jet helmet + Plainsman No. 393L in black sheep


  • Sheep leather available only up to chest 44 inches = 112 cm
  • Our estimated lead time for custom made jackets is 10 months.
  • Stock options available please contact us.

Plainsman No.393F

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Plainsman No 393F
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