Sidecar Sneakers

With those early days in mind, we have re-introduced sneakers to our line, but in a more robust form. The upper is cut from thick full grain aniline leather, lined with black pigskin. We have chosen a Vibram ‘Strighton’ sole, known for their toughness and durability.

Vibram ‘Strighton’ sole, tough and durable

All in all a great sneaker, ready for plenty of wear and tear.

Sneakers or baseball boots as they were known in the UK during the 50’s and 60’s, were an important part of kit for the passenger on the sidecar rig’s platform, as they enabled the wearer to nimbly change position when cornering or crouching on a straight.

The sneaker began to disappear from the sport during the mid 60’s when Lewis Leathers released a lightweight purpose built boot.

Sizes: UK 4 - 12

Vintage Sidecar Sneakers

1956 Sidecar TT, note passenger’s footwear, typical for the time


Top view

Sole and top view

Gold embossed logo

Gold embossed logo

Gold embossed logo, Heel detail

Heel stap close up

Sidecar Sneakers

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