Aviakit Seaboot Socks

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Originally designed to keep the feet of sailors and fishermen snug in severe icy conditions, these trusty socks were also utilized by RAF pilots, pulled over their D Lewis Flying Boots, notably in the Battle of Britain.

HMS Sheffield crew, December 1941

Seaboot socks with Motorway boots No.191. The Motorway boots first appeared in 1969, Lewis Leathers continue to make them now.

The 1950s motorcycle boom saw young riders emulating the TT Riders of the day in terms of speed, and the popularity of the often-worn surplus WW2 flying clothing available from D Lewis gave them the appearance of Spitfire pilots on wheels, the Ton-Up Boys were born! To this day the cosy and eye-catching Aviakit Seaboot Socks remains an essential item for those on two wheels, perfect worn inside boots on rides during the chilly British winter, the extra length and four inch turn-over top allows you to show them off, and helps complete the distinctive British look.

1960's: Rocker in Seaboot socks

RAF Spitfire Pilot Colin MacFie, 1940. WW2 photos©Imperial War Museum


Made in the UK, our knee-high Aviakit Sea boot Socks are incredibly warm and comfy, and made from a tough, hard wearing Wool blend.

  • Socks sizes: UK6 - 11
  • Height approximately 19.2 inches 49 cm


seaboot socks

Heel detailing

seaboot socks

Cuffs are long enough to turn outside the boots

Aviakit Seaboot Socks

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Aviakit Seaboot Socks
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