Shimane Jett Festival 2023 presents by Guitar Wolf

Shimane Jett Festival 2023 is almost upon us.
Arranged by Guitar Wolf’s Seiji in conjunction with the local council, the festival takes place each year in the picturesque rural setting overlooking Lake Shinji on one side and the mountains of Matsue to the north. The venue is known as Kososhi Park which is the site of an ancient 1600+ year old burial mound or kofun, here the bands play on the open air main stage with a second stage located near the food and merchandise stands.

For tickets and crowdfunding options please follow the link below:

This year the lineup is rather special:
Day 1

(Outdoor stage): GUITAR WOLF @guitarwolf / PUFFY / THE MUMMIES (San Francisco) / ANARCHY (since 1978) / STRANGE REITARO (Osaka) / SHIRIKA KAGURA TROOP (Shimane) / OTOBOKE BEAVER (Kyoto) / KING BROTHERS (Osaka) / THE NEATBEATS (Osaka)/ THE TIGER / JOHNNY PANDORA (50s Rock n Roll) / KINGONS (Tochigi) GASOLINE (Yokkaichi)/ RAMONE GROUP (perfect Ramones tribute band) / YOSHITO (Storyteller) / MACH MACHA -DJ and MC / DAIKI KADOWAKI (Shimane solo act) / JIRO IMAMURA (Sapporo) / NARUSE WOMENS SWORD THEATRE Company / UNCLE FUUSEN / TAMAHO YAMASHI / JOE TSUGU / PAPIKO GRANDE / MAHO YAMASHITA

Day 2

Aztic Canova (Indoor venue): SHIMANE JETT BIGGIES / From USA, THE MUMMIES! / THE TIGER (Nagoya), WOLF 17 / ROYAL LADIES (Kobe) / THE VALUE BROTHERS (Kanagawa) / DNA GAINZ (Shimane) / RABAN (Tokyo) / THE PINTS (Shimane)

Scroll down this web page and click on any band image for their profiles, we recommend having Deepl or Google translate ready to c+p and read in your own language: