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Over the past 100 years Lewis Leathers has used a variety of zip fasteners but the ones that truly became an iconic component in our garments were produced by the Lightning and Clix companies.
The zips we use today are made exclusively for Lewis Leathers and are identical in every detail to their predecessors, each zip component has been fully researched from vintage items and recreated to the highest standard in order to fully compliment our products.

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Vintage zip fasteners and ads appeared in our book. This story of Lewis Leathers book is available here.

Sliders, pullers, teeth and retainer boxes are tooled from the same materials as the originals, (Copper teeth and slider cover, puller, slider and retainer box from zinc alloy). Our zip tape is a cotton-feel polyester which has an advantage over the cotton tape of vintage zips which tended to rot and tear with time and thus compromised the life of the zip. Although vintage in appearance our zippers are made to the highest modern standard.

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New Lightning zip fasteners and 1920’s catalogue.

TAPE COLOURS: Traditionally our zipper tapes were black, however, the cotton zipper tape on the main zips and cuffs tended to fade to a shade of beige when repeatedly exposed to sun and rain while motorcycling, producing a rather nice effect.
Today we offer a choice of traditional Black or Beige for main and cuff zippers, enabling you to customise your jacket.


Britain’s first zipper was initially known as the Ready Fastener when first introduced in 1918 by Kynoch Works of Birmingham. The Lightning name was first used for the fastener in March 1920 and became the mark of quality for Britain’s premier zipper brand until the company’s demise in December of 1980.

From left; No.10 LIGHTNING Main Zip in box, No.5, No.5 Horizontal Cuff Zip and No.5 L Cuff Zip.

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were established in the UK in 1963 with just seven staff members. Almost immediately, Lewis Leathers used the brands heavier zippers for the main front zip of their jackets. In 1970, Lightning Fasteners acquired the Clix brand name and Lewis continued using the zips throughout the 1970’s as their main puller whilst pockets and cuffs bore Lightning zips.

Clix Zip Black and Beige tape options and boxes.

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