Dominator Jacket No. 551

A really stylish centre-zipped jacket. Made from premium grade leather with non-fade quilted sailcloth lining. The single-piece back panel adds an extra elegance to this very stylish jacket.

Features include twin chest pockets zippered for security and two vented handwarmer pockets. Zippered cuffs keep out the wind and the two waist adjusters on the waistband ensure a snug fit.

Vintage image from a 1960 S Lewis’s catalogue, sold as the 'Mustang No.1060'. S Lewis was bought by D Lewis in 1959 and D Lewis produced S Lewis jackets and items from that time.

Vintage illustration from an Elite Motors catalogue

Sid Vicious' 551 Dominator

dominator-jacket-no-551 dominator-jacket-no-551 dominator-jacket-no-551

Chest Pocket

Welted Hand Pocket

Lightning Zip

The Dominator first appeared in the early 60s under our Bud Ganz label, although a very stylish jacket few vintage examples of this jacket appear with a Lewis label. This model was also sold through the S Lewis and Elite Motors shops.

ln recent years however, the Dominator has become one of our best sellers partly due to the fact that Sid Vicious wore one when he first joined the Sex Pistols, apart from that, its simply a great jacket, both elegant and practical.

Lightning cuff zipper

Lightning main zipper

Dominotor Jacket No.551

*Toru wearing Dominator in black horse leather with our most classic lining combination Gold satin sleeve x Red quilting body lining., Bud Ganz eyewear, Jet Rock 'n' Roll belt

Dominotor Jacket No.551

Dominator back view, LLJ002 Jeans, Atlantic Boots 209

*Toru Wolf/ Laughin’ Nose, ex- Guitar Wolf


  • Sheep leather available only up to chest 50 inches = 127 cm
  • Customer order can take up to 22-25 weeks.
  • Stock options available please contact us.

Dominator Jacket No.551

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Dominator Jacket No 551
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