Countryman No. 385

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A well-cut lumber-style jacket in carefully selected chrome leather – the finest material for a jacket of this type. Designed for comfort, style and wear; two large pockets and an inside chest pocket all with zipper closure.

Leather waistband with elasticated sides and waistband extension. Lined throughout with warm tweed. Yoke-style shoulders, both smart and practical.

LEFT: 1952 D Lewis Ltd. Catalogue image, RIGHT: Vintage brown sheep jacket in the late 1930s or early 1940s as the 'No.699Z', by the early 1950s it was known as the 'No.385 Countryman'.

LEFT: Black Countryman 385 Jacket, RIGHT: D Lewis Label 

This jacket has been modelled upon a vintage WW2 period Countryman held in our archive, we use a high grade sheep leather for this item, just like the original, all zippers are custom-made by Flash Fasteners and are authentic to the period, the waistband has been specially knitted for D Lewis and the tweed lining custom-dyed to match our vintage jacket, the replica label rounds the jacket off nicely.

Vintage countryman puller from the 1940s

Remade Knitted Waistband

Pocket, Zipper by Flash Fasteners

Waistband Flap

Main Zipper by Flash Fasteners

Remade Knitted Waistband

Pocket, Zipper by Flash Fasteners

LEFT: 100% wool red blanket lining was custom dyed in the UK. RIGHT: Vintage lining

Main Zipper by Flash Fasteners


  • Sheep leather available only up to chest 50 inches = 127 cm
  • Lewis Leathers logo patch option available upon request.
  • Our estimated lead time for custom made jackets is 10 months.
  • Stock options available please contact us.

Here is a blog post about heavy 17oz 100% wool Dogstooth lining.

Countryman No.385

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Countryman No 385
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