Super Sportsman Striped No.68S

The trim sporty lines of this jacket make it your natural choice! Made in the popular single-breasted style for wear on and off the bike, so comfortable you won’t want to take it off! Features include: Four convenient zipper pockets, zippered close-fitting cuffs.

A corduroy-lined collar with a twin stud fixing and double waist adjuster for a snug draft-free fit. The Super Sportsman can be purchased plain or with stripes which can be added in your choice of colour.

Vintage ad 1973

The Super Sportsman entered the Lewis Leathers range in 1973 when it was decided to give the Sportsman a revamp. The body was lengthened by the addition of a waistband and two side adjusters replaced the single adjuster of its predecessor, the 3-part back panel was replaced with an elegant one-piece panel. Coloured leathers were now highly popular and the Super Sportsman was available in a wide variety of colours and contrast stripes.

This is still the case today, please contact us for details of the coloured leathers available.  Super Sportsman No.68 (without stripes)

Vintage catalogue 1973

Back Buckle

Chest Pocket

Clix Zip

Vintage catalogue 1974

Lightning #5 cuff zipper

Heavy duty #10 Clix main zipper

Super Sportsman Striped No.68S in Yellow Horse with Black Horse Stripes


  • Sheep leather available only up to chest 42 inches = 106.68 cm
  • Customer order can take up to 12-18 weeks.
  • Stock options available please contact us.

Super Sportsman Striped No.68S standard stripes white colour as shown in photos.

Custom colours available upon request.

Super Sportsman Striped No.68S

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Super Sportsman Striped No.68S
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